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Home decor, events of any kind and fashion should be beautiful and fun as well as functional. Food should always look as good as it tastes.

We strive to create beautiful, functional art and food. It is our goal to utilize design to get the most "wow" factor for you, your events, and your living space. Please contact  Andrea at 253 222 3738   for more information concerning your next event, home decorating project and fashion accessory .


Custom coffins

Burying a loved one shouldn't be cost prohibitive. I have constructed many coffins and caskets for the members of my church whom have passed away and I know the importance of having an affordable yet beautiful casket or coffin. The burial box is for those who remain thus should reflect the deceased and be beautiful. 

Hand Painted  by Andrea Ward of, you will receive a beautiful product for a quarter of the price of the coffins being sold through the funeral homes.

Coffin prices run from 1800.00 up.

Shipping will be added to the price.

You may choose from a coffin shape (shown ) or a casket shape.

Caskets start at 1800 and move up with the customization. 

Coffins start at 2000.00 and move up with extra customization.

Each coffin and casket is constructed with "Clean and Green" Materials and will decompose in the ground. They all all lined with wool felt.

The basic customization is a choice of colors consisting of:

Forest Green

Royal Blue

Sage Green

Dk. Cherry Red



Natural Wood

Mohogany Stain

The basic designs available are:






Palm Frond

For more information please contact me at 253 222 3738. 

I will give you the worksheet for measurments and colors.

God Bless You

Dark Cherry Red With Copper Pine

Black with Basic Scroll

Black with Floral

Black with Green Palm Frond

Black with Gold Palm Frond

Black with Green Palm Frond and Stained Edging

Dark Cherry Red With Russian Floral Upgrade

Forest Green With Copper Pine