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 Drying Mushrooms

Whenever I find mushrooms on sale, (Less that 1.50 /pound), I buy them and use them in a recipe fresh, but I always dry the rest of them for use in recipes later on. I find that some soups and sauces actually taste better using the dried mushrooms. The texture of the mushroom is much more chewy after it has been reconstituted from the dry stage while cooking in the recipe .


I have two different dryers, one has a fan with a heat control and one you simple plug in. (note picture upper right.)


The dryer with the fan, (there are many to choose from), dries the produce twice to three times faster than the dryer that I simply plug in.


I dry the mushrooms until they are very crispy, they keep for a year at least in a glass container.

In the spring and summer when the garage sales abound you can usually find a dehydrator or two.

FYI, I dry all kinds of fruit and veges to add to soups and just to take on road trips etc.

Recipes to come using the dried mushrooms.


Drying Mushrooms