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Home decor, events of any kind and fashion should be beautiful and fun as well as functional. Food should always look as good as it tastes.

We strive to create beautiful, functional art and food. It is our goal to utilize design to get the most "wow" factor for you, your events, and your living space. Please contact  Andrea at 253 222 3738   for more information concerning your next event, home decorating project and fashion accessory .


Bathroom Renovation



Here are the  before and after shots of a bathroom that was completely dated and stuck in the 80's. The counter was mauve with brass trim and the lights were a tulip shape.




With my clients permission I used travertine tile, to cut the mosaic pieces used to create this timeless rendition of a tuscan design.


The other side of the bathroom can be seen in the mirror.




I decided after applying the lower travertine that the mirror needed to be surrounded by the mosaic design as well.  This has given this powder room a timeless look that will be welcome in any decade.


Let me design a room for you!