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Home decor, events of any kind and fashion should be beautiful and fun as well as functional. Food should always look as good as it tastes.

We strive to create beautiful, functional art and food. It is our goal to utilize design to get the most "wow" factor for you, your events, and your living space. Please contact  Andrea at 253 222 3738   for more information concerning your next event, home decorating project and fashion accessory .



St. Irenaeus, one of the most important Church Fathers of the 2nd century AD.

St. Irenaeus was bishop of Lyons, in Southern France,  though it is thought that he grew up in Smyrna, in modern-day Turkey. There  St.Irenaeus had personal contact with St. Polycarp, one of the Apostolic Fathers who in turn knew the Apostle John, son of Zebedee.



Before becoming bishop, Saint Irenaeus  studied in Rome where he was influenced by St. Justin Martyr. His major writing, Against Heresies, (185 AD), exposed the absurdities of the Gnostic cults of the day and included a strong presentation and defense of Catholic Christianity. It is the earliest spectrum  of Christian theology surviving from ancient times and is the first work that cites virtually every book of the Christian writings that we now call the New Testament.



St. Irenaeus of Lyons